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Updates / Elderscape updates 13 March 2021 - 31 March 2021
« on: March 31, 2021, 06:01:26 PM »
- Introduced 2 new game modes, giving a total of 3 difficulties 'Standard'. 'Grinder' and 'Mad Man'. Also made these 3 difficulties available to ironman, ultimate ironman and hardcore ironman.

The game modes work as following:
  - Standard
    - x100 xp
    - No drop bonus
    - No custom icon
  - Grinder
    - x15 xp
    - 7.5% drop bonus
    - Custom icon
  - MadMan
    - x5 xp
    - 15% drop bonus
    - Badass custom icon

- Fixed beer and other consumables boosting stats over 200
- Added Perdu at home. You can use your broken items on him and he'll fix them for a small fee.
- Removed skilling credits from non resource gathering skills. Only Mining, Herblore, Crafting, Woodcutting, fishing, farming and cooking give credits.
- Balanced the skilling credits over all the above skills + updated skilling credit shop prices so they won't take you 5min to get something.

credits to @Mr Bobo

Staff Applications / Re: Th0ngz App
« on: March 13, 2021, 11:32:22 AM »
Support, I think you would be a good staff member.
You have a lot of Experience and you show a lot of dedication to the server.
We will start accepting staff applications when we are out of open beta and the server gets released.

Updates / Elderscape updates 1 March 2021 - 13 March 2021
« on: March 13, 2021, 11:27:11 AM »
- Fix: Corrupted scavenger room should be fixed once and for all now...
- Fix: When leaving a raid, you will no longer have to re-log to make the raid tab go away.
- Change: When feeding corrupted scavenger, he will eat all grubs at once, damaging him amount of grubs * 8 damage in 1 go. Feeding 5 grubs will cause 40 damage on him.
- Fix: Pink phoenixes which attack lvl 3 players have been removed from all over the world.
- Fix: Ents in the wilderness will now count towards your slayer task for Krystilia and give experience
- Fix: You can now reset/block/cancel Ents slayer task
- Fix: Added dragon scimitar to the ironman tools store for now. (We still have to revamp iron man game modes)
- Fix: Skilling credit resource reward boxes have been revamped. The boxes containing random items now have the options 'take-one', 'bank-all' and 'check'. And the boxes which have static rewards have the 'open' option. This makes it so ironman game mode accounts can also open/claim these boxes.
- Fix: Added examines for all skilling credit rewards
- Fix: All boxes should be able to be opened now.
- Fix: Cavern grubs will be removed when leaving a raid.
- Fix: You can no longer teleport out of The Wintertodt.
- Fix: Removing seeds from your personal shop works now.
- Fix: Fixed an issue where there were 2 different types of crystal shards being given
- Fix: Barrows sets from the donator store can from now on be unpacked to get the actual items.
- Fix: Shops that work with coins as currency will from now on no longer enable you to make money by reselling stuff
- Fix: Bucket pack from Catherby Farming Store can now be unpacked
- Fix: Crystal harpoon and it's special can be used in fishing (animation has to be updated later once I find someone who has one on OSRS..)
- Fix: Fishing guild teleport requirements message has been updated. The requirement for fishing guild is 68 fishing.
- Fix: Added equip requirements for hard leather shield, snakeskin shield, green/blue/red/black dragonhide shields
- Fix: Crystal Pickaxe can be used in xeric raids now to harm the guardians
- Fix: Boxes from skilling credit store 'bank-all' function now works properly
- Fix: Shops have been revamped. All prices are based on High alch prices now. Items in normal stores are 2x high alch price. Selling items to general store is using rates of high alch /2.
- Fix: Donator store prices etc should be back to normal
- Addition: Added and finalized the Elderscape Server Managed Gamble System.
Admire The Elderscape Gamble system:

What is it?
This system allows people to do gambling without the risk of one or the other getting scammed. This server will hold the bets and will pay out the winner in the end.
Currently we support 5 game modes:
    - Flower Poker
    - Hot or Cold
    - Dice Duel
    - Black Jack
    - 55x2

How does it work?
1. You teleport to the gamble zone with the command ::gamble
2. Every player around that area will have an extra right click option "Gamble"
3. Select the game mode you want to play
4. Place your bets
5. Play and the winner will get paid out.

The system has been coded so that:
- Logging out is not possible
- When losing connection, your character will first finish the battle before actually logging out
- You can not teleport away
- When the server crashes and starts back up. People who were in a battle at this time will be refunded.
- All battles are being logged. Every step, every move, every choice.
- Fix: Herblore in raids now works
- Fix: Farming in raids wrks
- Fix: Superior slayer monsters will no longer spawn after every kill
- Fix: Alchemical Hydra does respawn in his normal form from now on.
- Fix: Slayer task only npc's are can no longer be attacked without being on the task
- Fix: Coinboxes will no longer spawn in the water at Kraken Cove
- Fix: You can now get past the logs underneath the woodcutting guild. Making ents available for slayer.
- Fix: Nechryarch no longer transforms to some npc. He will also no longer use the same combat script as demonic gorillas..
- Fix: Non wildy slayer masters will no longer assign boss tasks in the wilderness
- Fix: Basilisk knight has animations and a (slightly customised) combat script now.
- Fix: Jewelery boxes in POH actually work from now on
- Addition: Made Elvarg no longer dead content. Elvarg has gained some changes in his combat script. Make sure to go check him out, but beware, pay attention! Because he is a bit strong then usual.
- Addition: When you die in a pvm instance, you can buy your items back at the death coffer at home for a fee.

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Server Media / Re: My First Elderscape Video
« on: March 13, 2021, 11:20:32 AM »
Cool video, good job! @Th0ngz
I have put your trailer on the homepage ;)

Updates / Elderscape updates 15 February 2021 - 28 February 2021
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:27:56 PM »
- Fix: Friend list has been fixed. There was a bug where the friend list was resetting upon every server restart
- Fix: Clan chats have been fixed. There was a bug where the clan chats were resetting upon every server restart
- Fix: Marks of grace can be received trough rooftop agility courses again
- Fix: When closing your client or disconnecting while wearing a transformation ring, you will no longer be stuck. Your character should log out almost instantly.
- Fix: Removed the wrong rock hammer from the slayer store
- Fix: Replaced noted ores and gems from the stalls in fight caves.

- Change: Donation stores and vote store have been updated. Some items have been added, some have been removed and some have had a price change.
- Change: Donation bond values have been updated. You can now buy donator bonds of $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250.

- Addition: The command ::claim has been added and can be used to claim your donation.
- Addition: The command ::claimvote (and ::claimv) has been added and can be used to claim your vote reward. Note: You need 10 vote points to be able to claim your vote book.
- Addition: A vote book has been added as vote reward. You can open it, to get a random reward (rewards will be updated later on). Or sell it to other players.

- Temp: Until the end of the beta all players can use ::yell
- Fix: Removed 2 bugs occurring in the background. (Possibly the cause of the memory leaks)
- Fix: Vote shop now works as intended. (might need a revamp in repricing and removing/adding items there)
- Fix: Transformation rings will no longer glitch/lock your account.
- Fix: Finafuckinglee fixed the Dragonfire shield, dragonfire ward and skeletal wyvern shield stats (hovering over the item doesnt show updated stats bc of runelite plugin, but if you open the equip screen with all the stats it shows the right stats)

- Addition: Added decanter to our home, to decant all your potions.
- Addition: Crystal singing is now available. (need to look further into making the crystal shards and seeds etc available)
- Addition: Added Prif agility course for 95% (still looking into adding the teleport crystals)
- Addition: Added an upgrade scroll which can imbue your DK rings. The scroll is for now only available trough the slayer reward store. But will add this scroll as a rare drop to giant mole and Dagannoth Kings themselves.
- Addition: About 95% of objects in priff should be accessible now (crystal stairs, mining cave, zalcano cave etc)
- Addition: Added bulwark shield special attack
- Addition: Added elven crystal chest (need revamp for rewards ofc)
- Addition: Added Trahaearn Mine in Prifddinas
- Fix: Bank action 'Withdraw all but 1' has been fixed. You no longer remove the whole stack.
- Fix: Iron man game modes can access all required shops again
- Fix: Equipment/Inventory presets now show all titles when opening the interface
- Fix: Bracelet of etherium should now lower the damage received from revenants by 75%
- Fix: All superior slayer monsters have their respawn timer removed so they will no longer respawn after being killed
- Fix: The stairs at myths guild will no longer place you outside of the map
- Fix: Portal back from Puro Puro to Zanaris now works.
- Fix: Cave Kraken small pools will now spawn the tentacles
- Fix: Killing cave kraken will no longer grant you 5 killcount but only 1
- Fix: Loot will spawn in the middle of the bridge while doing cave kraken
- Fix: Smelting bars gives smithing xp again..
- Fix: Noted items will from now on sell for the same price as unnoted items.
- Fix: Overloads do damage you now when using them.
- Fix: All potions are drinkable now in raids
- Fix: Eating purple sweets will no longer remove the whole stack.
- Fix: Corrupted scaveneger room in CoX should now work as intended
- Fix: You can no longer have any items on you to join the tournament minigame
- Fix: General store is the only store which will show item amounts, so you know how many there are available
- Addition: Teleport to the Lithrken Dungeon has been added to the 'Dungeons' category. This dungeon contains rune and adamant dragons.

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Updates / Elderscape updates 1 February 2021 - 15 February 2021
« on: February 15, 2021, 03:17:18 PM »
- Fix: Activating a preset will take bank placeholder setting into account, IF you have 'always set placeholders' enabled.
- Fix: Stats will decay after a relog now.
- Fix: Overload potions are usable within raids now.
- Fix: Negative stats will go back up now
- Fix: Items will keep their charges when loaded from a preset.
- Addition: You can now use all barbarian potion mixes.
- Addition: Overload potions will stop working once you get out of raids
- Addition: Added stat boosting for:
    - Infernal axe
    - 3rd age axe
    - Crystal axe
    - Crystal harpoon
    - Infernal Harpoon
    - Infernal pickaxe
    - 3rd age pickaxe
    - Crystal pickaxe
- Addition: Added ALL skillcape perks
- Addition: Added regen bracelet effect and hitpoints skillcape healing effect when worn
- Addition: Ancient mace will now boost your prayer by the amount hit even above your max prayer level.
- Addition: Added Master skillcapes. Requirement is 100m xp in the skill.
- Addition: Added a new teleport to travel towards Prifddinas at the teleport portal @Home
- Fix: Bank action 'withdraw all but 1' will no longer remove the item stack
- Fix: Combat dummy at home is attackable again.
- Fix: When skulling in the wilderness you will be unskulled after 20 minutes.
- Fix: Added wrath and mind runes to the pker default bank
- Fix: Ents are attackable
- Fix: KBD will from now on count as a wildy slayer task
- Fix: Spellbooks are fixed, manual casting works again
- Fix: Zulrah should no longer be given as a wildy task..
- Fix: You can not longer teleport out of raids. And when leaving raids you will always lose the potions/effects.
- Fix: Corrupted scavenger room has been fixed.
- Fix: When still having unclaimed rewards at the Chambers of Xeric and you try to leave you will have to confirm in the chatbox that you want to leave and lose those rewards.
- Fix: Purple sweets have been added as food sources meaning that you can eat them now to restore 1-3 hp & 10% run energy
- Fix: Zamorak brew now works as intended. Giving 2 + 20% attack, 2 + 12% strength, 10% prayer points restore and it will deal you 2+10% damage.
- Fix: Trading Konar will now open the slayer store.
- Fix: Hydra slayer helm and Hydra slayer helm (i) no longer glitch hair/beard
- Fix: Icy breath will now count as a charge for the dragonfire shield, dragonfire ward and ancient wyvern shield.
- Fix: Divine magic potion, Divine ranging potion, Divine bastion and Divine battlemage potions have been set to give the correct boosts
- Fix: Blue d'hide body (t) no longer makes your arms go POOF gone xD
- Fix: You can sell mysterious emblems again at the Emblem trader and he can skull you again.
- Fix: Removed the bankers at Krystilia + also removed those bankers from the rest of the world
- Fix: Ava devices should now work as expected
- Fix: Your inventory will no longer go invisible when you have a master cape in your inventory or equipment
- Addition: You can now make Twisted slayer helm, Twisted slayer helm (i), Hydra Slayer helm and Hydra slayer helm (i)
- Addition: Oyster Pearls and Oyster Pearl can be cut into pearl bolt tips from now.
- Addition: Voting has been added. You can vote with the command ::vote an claim your reward with one of the following commands ::claimv and ::claimvote
-Elderscape Warehouse
The elderscape Warehouse is a place where you can put your own items up for sale or buy items from other players. You can search for the item name and you'll get the cheapest 20 stores which sell that item. The stores are server managed, meaning
that you DO NOT need to be online for your shop to be on there. When you sold something and you are online you will get a chatbox notification that you sold something and have some money to collect. If you are not online, you will get a message in the chatbox
when logging in. When you have less then 1000 coins to collect, you will get it in the form of coins. When the amount you can collect is more then 1000 coins it will be paid in platinum tokens (use the platinum token on a bank booth to exchange for coins).
Your store has 40 slots for selling items and can hold up to more then 100B to collect.

Where is it?
The warehouse system can be utilised trough an npc called "Warehouse Manager" and he is located inside the bank in Edgevile.

How to use it?
Watch the gifs below for a full example of how it works.


- Fence at Lumberyard can be jumped over now.
- Ladder to dramen tree works
- Exit door at dramen tree works to teleport you into the wilderness
- The npc for clue scrolls down at wizard tower has been added

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Server Media / First server video
« on: February 06, 2021, 02:10:13 PM »
Just made a small video for the server.
Nothing special, just wanted a video for the homepage.
If anyone can make a cool trailer feel free to do so and I will put your video on the homepage.

Updates / Elderscape updates 18 january 2021 - 31 January 2021
« on: January 31, 2021, 05:30:46 PM »
- Fix: Reworked the account tab a bit so that play time, skilling xp, combat xp, donator rank and amount donated are displayed in a more simple and formatted way.
- Fix: Clicking staff online in the account panel will from now on open the players online interface where staff is listed on the top.
- Fix: Vote shop now sells the correct gem bag, coal bag and herb sack
- Fix: Cannon will no longer glitch npc's so they walk back and walk trough wall n shit
- Fix: There was an issue where you could not make your cannon start firing even though it had cannonballs, this is now resolved.
- Fix: Dwarf Cannon now works in multi and single combat area's. Obviously in single combat area's you will only be able to shoot 1 target.
- Fix: Extended antifire potion now lasts 12 min as it should
- Fix: Replaced the jewellery moulds for smelting with the correct ones
- Fix: When clearing roots from a planted tree you will now actually get the roots
- Fix: Both stairs in the wyvern cave are now working (will add the npcs again later)
- Fix: Estate Agent and Stone mason store now works as intended
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, looting bag to be able to empty them inside the bank
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, so when you have the open version in your inventory and pickup and item it will go instantly into the bag
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, so when you have the open version in your inventory and you withdraw a storable item from your bank it will go directly in the bag
- Addition: Added first version of crystal tree and shooting star reward exchange
- Addition: You can now make a mythical max cape by using a mythical cape on the max cape. A mythical cape has been added to the vote store.
- Fix: Zulrah and cave kraken's projectiless are now coming from the actual npc location. (Same for other broken npc's if they were broken)
- Fix: Added drops to greater demons in the revenant cave
- Fix: Mythical max cape and mythical max hood can now be equipped
- Fix: Dwarf cannon from now on works properly. If something is still wrong with it lemme know.
- Fix: Players should no longer get nulled after getting killed by the thieving stalls
- Fix: Rock crabs will no longer smack the shit out of you
- Addition: Lvl 69 shortcut to jump over the rock at the dense runestones is now working
- Addition: Added beginner map, cryptic and anagram clue scrolls with rewards.
- Addition: Cave to cave horrors now works properly
- Addition: Added full slayer's staff & slayer's staff (e) with charges, slayer task checks, equipment boosts and everything
- Addition: Added game mode selection interface for the new players, which states restriction of each mode, xp rates, drop rate boost etc.
- Temporary: When not in the wilderness, run energy will not decrease from now on. Will discuss later about if we want to enable this again or not.
- Addition: Kurask and Turoth are now able to be attacked with magic dart.
- Addition: Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire Ward, Ancient Wyvern Shield charges will from now on raise your shields defence.
- Addition: A farmer's "Pay" option will now give you the option to ether cut down your tree or pay him to protect your crops.
- Addition: A farmer's "Talk-To" option will now tell you how far your crop is grown. For example: "Hey there Mr Bobo, your patch is currently at stage 2/6."
- Addition: You can now use rock thrown hammer's to finish your Gargoyle kill.
- Addition: Reworked Xeric Raids to solve a lot of bugs
- Addition: Added first part of Theatre of Blood. Will proceed on this later on.
- Addition: Added dragon forging. You can smith dragon equipment at the anvils in the ancient cavern. To smith these items you'll need Orikalkum which you can get as a rare drop from the shooting star. These dragon items are giving massive xp drops in the smithing skill.
- Fix: Resolved a bug where slayer staff (e) kept saying that the staff ran out of charges while it still had lots of them.
- Fix: Updated default stats of the Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire Ward and Ancient Wyvern shield
- Fix: Smoke devil and Thermonuclear smoke devil will now damage you if you do not pray protect from range.
- Fix: Ugthanki kebab can now be eaten and will heal 19 hp.
- Fix: Gargoyles do no longer glitch when dying
- Fix: Ladder to Air obelisk in edgeville dungeone works now
- Fix: Slayer task amount will no longer set your pest control points.
- Fix: Coin box can be opened again
- Fix: POH portal at Edgeville is working again
- Fix: Saradomin brew no longer fully heals you and does no longer restore prayer but now works as it is intended to be.
- Fix: Death spawns from nechyrals will despawn now when you kill them or after approx 36 seconds without killing them.
- Fix: Stairs in ancient cavern to go to the dragon forging area is working now. The forging area can now be used to smith dragon items with the use of Orikalkum.
- Fix: Removed pvp armours from terror dogs and will add these drops in a next update again to the correct npc's.
- Fix: The well of fortune at home is working again. You will from now on also get a notification when you contributed which will also state how much more the well needs to get started.
- Fix: Presets option has been added to the bank booth. You can now save and use equipment/inventory presets again.
- Fix: Fixed the ::drops interface. Everyone can now open the drops interface and utilise it.
- Fix: You can now search for npc's OR for an item in the drop viewer without a problem.
- Temporary: The ornate rejuvenation pool at home is not available to everyone during the beta. This pool restores stats and special attack

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Updates / Elderscape updates 7 january 2021 - 18 January 2021
« on: January 18, 2021, 02:09:40 PM »
- Fix: You can no longer push combat dummies back with spear special attacks
- Fix: You will be stopped when attempting to steal something and you do not have the required minimum amount of hitpoints.
- Addition: Added spawns for all 3 kinds of ancient wyverns (spitting, taloned and longtailed)
- Addition: Added drops for all 3 kinds of ancient wyverns (spitting, taloned and longtailed)
- Addition: Added combat scripts for all 3 kinds of ancient wyverns (spitting, taloned and longtailed)
- Addition: Made the stairs for the spitting, longtail and taloned wyverns cave work
- Addition: Made the stairs to get to the strange machine on Fossil island work
- Addition: You can now forge the Ancient wyvern shield on the Strange machine on Fossil Island
- Addition: Added the elite void knight guy at pest control where you can now exchange your void robe and top for elite counterparts
- Fix: Stairs going to ancient wyvern's now work
- Fix: Lumbridge swamp cave is now accessible for cave bugs, cave slimes, etc..
- Fix: Made stepping stones in Lumbridge swamp cave work
- Fix: Making herb tars takes 15 swamp tar instead of 1 now
- Fix: Added small, medium, large and giant runecrafting pouch to the drops of the abbysal creatures within the abyss
- Fix: Shortcut above dense runestone (climb rocks) to dark altar now works.
- Fix: Crafting dark essence fragments will now work with the skilling chatbox interface.
You can hold a max total of 112 dark essence fragments before having to consume them.
- Fix: Magic does no longer earn you xp on max hit dummies
- Fix: You can no longer re-sell items to vote, donator, bounty store.
- Fix: Removed all bugs related to item spawning (bonds for example) trough with placeholders
- Fix: Corporeal beast no longer has 5k hp
- Fix: Npcs should no longer reset hp
- Addition: You can now use swamp, orange, red and black salamanders with their appropriate ammunition
- Addition: Command ::players is now available to clearly show online owners, admins, mods, support and players.
- Addition: Upgraded data of the server from 182 to 192. This means that we now have all npcs, items, maps, etc to add the nightmare, The Gauntlet and so on.
- Addition: Added a skillcape (t) store. So you can now buy trimmed skillcapes

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Updates / Elderscape updates 30 December 2020 - 7 january 2021
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:21:20 PM »
- Added collection log interface implementation
- Collection log can now be claimed with the command ::claimcl
- Donator rank will no longer dissapear when relogging
- Added teleport function "Teleports" to max cape. It will now open the teleport interface. (Will add the features later on)
- Fixed redwood tree ladders.
- Added ale of the gods (drunk) effect
- General store will now tell you the correct price it will pay you.
- Added "dismantle" option for Viggora's Chainmace and Thammarons Sceptre for 7.5k ether
- Fixed the hard aanagram clue where you need to talk to Doomsayer in Lumbridge
- Fixed a medium clue where the overlay showed the wrong spot to dig
- Added autocast options for iban staff and iban staff (u), master wand, etc..
- Added wildy notifier for Rogues castle thieving teleport on teleport portal
- Removed wildy and multi notifiers for all rooftop courses on teleport portal
- Grace in Rogues Den is no longer a potatoe.. She now sells you the graceful armour parts and Amylase crystal packs. She will also explain you how to get marks of grace if you talk to her.
- Fixed all cooking objects to get the first cookable item in your inventory on click the object. You can also use your cookable item on the object directly.
- Quick fixed Mourner tunnels for now. Added a teleport directly into the tunnels. Might make the trapdoor work later on.
- Added scroll of grow time, this is new perk which will give you -50% growtime.
- Removed placeholders for the broken items. If you find any item still having the WRONG placeholder let me know. NOTE: Not having a placeholder is not a broken placeholder.
- Fix: Slayer monsters from konar in the slayer tower will now give xp and count towards your slayer task
- Fix: You can no longer get infinite combat xp by not finishing a slayer npc which has a weakness for example Gargoyles. If you did not smash them you keep hitting them and keep getting xp.
- Fix: Construction stonemason sells the correct magic stone now
- Fix: All Pools in the Player Owned Houses will now properly work
- Fix: Slayer shop for example, is now working again
- Fix: Marks of Grace will no longer appear to drop 2x or 3x.
- Fix: You can now plant tree seeds in filled plant pots
- Fix: You can now fill plant pots so they become filled plant pots
- Fix: You can now reset failed box traps in the hunter skill
- Addition: Added drops for Ammonite crabs
- Addition: Added all silver jewelry crafting which has some use right now.
- Addition: Added more clear notifications for crafting jewelry when you don't have a silver bar or when you don't have the correct mould.
- Addition: You can now use a mould on a furnace, if the mould has multiple uses you can choose between gold and silver jewelry crafting. If the mould has a single use it will open the linked interface directly.
- Addition: Added dialogues to otto godblessed to convert a zammy spear into a zammy hasta. Also added him to the home area for more easy access
- Addition: Made ladder at ourania runecrafting altar work
- Addition: Added banker at the start of ourania runecrafting altar dungeon
- Addition: Implemented the ourania altar itself. The rarity of runes crafted will depend on your runecrafting level. So someone with 99 runecrafting will barely make air runes while someone with 1 runecrafting will make a lot of them.
- Addition: Full pest control shop is working now.
- Addition: Added command to give pest control points to other players
- Addition: Added spawns in the task only ancient wyvern caves already. (Need to finnish up combat scripts)
- Addition: We now have a auto client updater. So once you get the client, it wil always get you the latest client.

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Updates / Elderscape updates 20 - 28 December 2020
« on: December 28, 2020, 08:16:39 AM »
- Dagganoth Kings Teleport is missing
- Fixed the ladder to go up from Dagannoth Kings
- Fight caves no longer reset your timer when relogging in the caves
- You can now pause fight caves during a wave by trying to log out. Once you finish the wave, the next one will not start. When you log back in, it will continue.
- You no longer have to relog after leaving the fightcaves to be able to teleport.
- You no longer get tokkul for leaving the fightcaves at the first wave
- Added Ecumenical key to the drops of the npcs in wilderness godwars dungeon with a drop rate of 1/60
- Added ironman store
- Made skilling credit store accessible for ironman characters
- Fixed issue where you could not pick up stackable items when your looting bag is full
- Special attack orb does now activate your special attack
- You can now only have 1 looting bag at a time
- Npc's their hp reset now when you die
- Bracelet of ethereum is now fully working as it should
- Added ironman shop access to vote store, donator store, skilling credit store, slayer store, skillcape shop
- You can now climb mount Karuluum (still quiet buggy but for now it does the trick)
- Disabled a setting in advanced settings until I can fix it properly. With this setting disabled people should not get bugged interfaces on resizable mode anymore
- Fixed adding friends with spaces
- Fixed clan chats being reset upon logout
- Fixed friend list being reset upon logout
- Fixed 0 KC perk scroll so you can use it now.
- Added larrans small and big chest
- Super combat potion and CoX potions are now decaying over time
- Added crsytal impling jar loot. For now I have added mainly osrs rewards. Only replaced baby dragon bones with dragon bones. Will add more unique rewards later on.
- Fixed not being able to make a sapphire ring.
- Removed a 'bug' where everyone can teleport around with CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK.
- Replaced the ::db command with ::dinfo and it will open a forum thread with more info
- Added max cape and hood to the skillcape store
- Added both ava devices to ironman store + raised default stock to 2147m.

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Knowledge Base / Re: Elderscape Voting links log list.
« on: December 20, 2020, 12:33:01 PM »
I have installed them correctly and added the callbacks correctly to each page so I think the problem is with the everythingrs vote system. I have contacted support and if they can't fix this I will have to look for a new Voting system.

I have also fixed the spoiler tags. @Ellie

Knowledge Base / Elderscape Voting links log list.
« on: December 19, 2020, 04:23:18 PM »
Here is a list of all the voting links for our server.
Do you know any toplist or place to advertise the server on let me know, send me a private message.
When we find new websites to register the server on I will add it to this list.
If you want voting points you will have to use the voting links on our vote page:

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Updates / Update list 2020 - 19 December 2020
« on: December 19, 2020, 11:05:37 AM »
- added tracking of pvp kills
- added tracking of pvp deaths
- added K/D tracker
- added message when you got killed containing who killed you, and giving an update on your pvp stats.
- added command "::kd" to ask your current k/d stats (kills, deaths, k/d ratio, pk ranking, highest streak and current streak)
- Fixed pest control portals for different difficulties. The portals were sometimes not attackable or had infinite hp
- Added pest control portal weaknesses. Each portal has now, just like osrs the defensive stats they should have
- created new account registration system
- Added pker, ironman, ultimate ironman, hardcore iron man game modes
- Added rank icons on the client side
- Accounts shuld now be saved every minute
- Added TOURNAMENT !!!
- Added BH3 skull icons that show your emblem tier
- Added killing spree system with shut down rewards
- Added blood money rewards
- Added option to ring of wealth to auto collect blood money to inventory
- Selling items to General store at home, dont show in general store interface
- Multi zone ammonite crabs
- Rooftop agility > Marks of Grace
- Add Max and Iron Man shops
- Vote Shop created
- Wyvern Cave not accessible via dungeon entrance
- Pollivneach Dungeon/Smoke Dungeon not accessible.
- Setup all donator benefits
- Created all donator ranks
- Made donator bonds work
- Tool Shop doesn't have fishing supplies (nets, rods, feathers, etc)
- Skeleton Monkey dungeon in South Ape Atoll not accessible.
- Move Teleport portal to more convenient spot (Suggest west of bank wall)
- Leaderboard for PKing, Boss Kills (amount killed and fastest time)
- Add ::home command to tele to edgeville home
- Multi combat zones not working/not set up (Sand crabs)
- Skeleton Monkey dungeon needs NPC spawns, and multi combat
- Forthos Dungeon needs NPC spawns, red spider eggs on ground, multi zone added
- Zulrah needs to be checked on mechanics
- ring of suffering has no option to add rings of recoil and does not work
- slayer master gives boss called "Null"
- overloads reduce every 60seconds
- There is no "Mac" at home to buy skillcapes from, no vote point shop, donator shop, etc
- sarrachnis not accesable
- overload can be brewed down
- link discord to ::discord
- Altars for prayer and magics
- Resizeable screen mode fucks login screen
- prayer enhance gives anti fire timer also doesn't regen prayer
- Add warning to teleport interface for smoke dungeon: "Are you sure you want to teleport there without any protective gear? The smoke will surely not be any good for you." IF player is not wearing slayer helm
- 3rd Age Axe doesn't work, says "You do not have an axe which you have the woodcutting level to use". Correct lvl is 61
- refactored the way toxins are handeled, caused big memory usage before
- refactored the way loading/saving is done, it is now done via S3
- Fixed raids NPCs not having correct configs
- Fully reworked home
- Added Mysterious coin box which is dropped by monsters when they are your slayer task. These boxes can give you between 500k - 100m cash.
- Reworked mystery box and legendary mystery box
- Added ironman tool shops
- Added Mac at home which sells skill capes and trimmed skill capes
- Made emblem trader work at edgeville, he can buy your emblems, skull you and has a bounty hunter shop
- Added the well to our home where you can enable double exp or double point events
- Fixed setting up dwarf cannon being interrupted when being attacked
- Added tons of teleport locations to provide a full flexed OSRS slayer and gameplay experience
- Added ‘donator credits’ which can be spend in the donator store, they are not some retarded points but physical credits like GP(bewerkt)
- Added divine potions (creation + using)
- Added full preset system with interfaces included
- Added graceful item shop
- Added recolour graceeful interface
- Added drop viewer
- Added full Blast mine minigame
- Prepared achievement list
- Added presets and interface for presets
-Implemented Skill of the week. Every week this will rotate and the skill of the week will have a base experience multiplier of x2 for the week.
-First tab (Server info) is finished.
-Added 5 commands to be able to do temporary run events for:
- drop bonus event
- exp event
- pest control event
- slayer points event
- Pk points event
- Banking is fixed now
- Deposit X is added on price check interface and gamble interface.
- Fixed crashing when performing  deposit 'All' on Price check interface
- Fixed slayer master giving wrong tasks
- Fixed slayer master simply not functioning
- Replaced Steve with Nieve (simply bc he looks cooler  )
- Added raurg bones  to be able to be used on the chaos elder druid at chaos altar AND on all other altars
- Added Fayrg bones to be able to be used on the chaos elder druid at chaos altar AND on all other altars
- Fixed player/server info tab so you see the first page when opening the tab instead of the second one
- Relocate the edgeville thieving teleport. You no longer teleport into the statue.
- Default client configuration for idle timeout is set to 1h now. So your client won’t keep popping up every 4min. You can modify or disable these settings in the client plugin “Idle Notifier”.
- Bonfire does now give skilling tokens. The amount it gives will be balanced in a later patch together with other skills.
- Revenant bow will no longer say it has -1000 ether before you charged it. And you can dismantle it for 7500 ether in return. Will do this for the other revenant weapons tomorrow (kinda forgot about them…)
- You can now make between 1-28 jewelry’s at a time on the furnace at edgeville
- All potions which decay normally should from this point on decay. If you find any bugs related to this lemme know.
- When you leave POH, you will now be in front of the portal
- You can now bank normal again.
- Raurg and faryrg bones can now be used on the altars and noted versions can be used on the guy at chaos altar
- Maxhit dummies should finally no longer give xp. If i’m wrong please let me know.
- Slayer should be fully fixed now. I do still need to make the trade option work on some of them apparently
- Fixed the ::discord, ::forums, ::donate, ::vote commands to go to the respective locations
- Serpentine helm now gives the proper item bonuses
- You can now make the god books if you have all 4 pages.

Some pictures:

Credits to @Mr Bobo he is the owner and main developer of Elderscape

News & Announcements / Elderscape Beta
« on: December 15, 2020, 11:41:05 AM »
Welcome to Elderscape! A brand new server with unique content and full RuneLite client integration!

Elderscape is currently in Open Beta! When the Open Beta ends all user accounts will be reset.
All active beta testers, who actively find bugs will be rewarded upon release!

You can play the beta here:

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