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Guides / Runelite Tips/Recommendations
« on: January 04, 2021, 01:34:40 PM »
Work in progress.

There are a lot of Runelite settings that may change your gameplay experience. Some very useful, others not so much. Click on the wrench - "Configuration" tab in Runelite to access your settings.

You may find something that feels like a bug, but is simply Runelite running scripts.


Animation Smoothing
The amazing difference between old school and smooth animations.

RuneLite (Configuration)
Consider turning off "Request focus on notification". If turned on, the game may automatically re-focus upon leaving combat, and other actions (or lack thereof). Meaning, if you're tabbed out and you receive a notification (such as exiting combat), you're automatically tabbed back in.
   If you'd like these re-focus notifications for other purposes, search for the Idle Notifier plugin and turn off "Idle Interaction Notifications" to disable the focus every time you exit combat.

Helper Plugins
There are too many to write down here, but there are countless plugins that will help you with bosses and minigames by showing useful information. Search for a boss/minigame's name in the configuration search bar, you'll find it.

Player Indicators
I personally find it extremely useful to have name tags above players' heads. Do what you will with clan callers and such, but consider turning on highlight friends, perhaps clan chat members, and even others. If you do turn on nametags for everyone ("Other"), considering changing the colour to an easier one such as white.
   IMPORTANT is the Indicator Mode. You can Ctrl+Click to add/remove that particular type of indicator, whereas a regular click will make that the only type of indicator. Personally I'd recommend turning on Above Head, Minimap and maybe Menu.

Ground Items
You can configure item names to show up on the floor. Depending on the price level (measured through OSRS Grand Exchange prices), item names may show up in configured colours, or not at all.
   You can also add specific items to show up by typing their names in the Highlighted Items box.
   Turning on the "Show Highlighted items only" will make it so that default items won't show up. Anything above the set values will.
   You can also set notifications for value drops (check "Runelite" for notification settings).

You can increase the draw distance (unfortunately does not increase the draw distance for NPCs and Players), turn Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering on, remove colour banding (smooths colours), and change Fog options. It honestly doesn't improve all that much, but it may be useful for slower CPUs to enable use of the GPU (with extra settings disabled and short draw distances).

Random bibs and bots as opposed to bits and bobs
Combat Level: Turns your cmb into a decimal number (max cmb being 126.1, for example).

Suggestions / [FORUM] Locked(?) Threads are a weird colour.
« on: January 04, 2021, 09:53:13 AM »
Not entirely sure if this is because it's a locked thread, but it's rather illegible like this, took me a moment to find the post^^.

ps. It's not the icons causing it, so I guess it is the locked thread.

Server Media / 200 Chaos Fanatics' Loot
« on: January 03, 2021, 09:40:19 PM »
It just kind of baffled me how easy it really is to get pvp gear. Droprates are of course already insane (and this was 95% done without bonus droprates), but Chaos Fanatic is also a very easy wildy boss. Quicker/easier to get full pvp gear than full barrows I reckon.. ???

WITH RING OF WEALTH! I'm not sure how good it actually is, as it shouldn't matter that much but it felt pretty strong when I was doing godwars with friends.

I already made both a malediction and odium ward, so +1 compared to the picture.

Guides / Quick Collection of Tips for Leveling
« on: December 24, 2020, 11:34:01 AM »
WORK IN PROGRESS, feel free to comment additions that I can add. Please let me know when something is wrong, outdated, or missing.

I'm not going to bother and make this pretty like I would've otherwise, but just to get some knowledge out there for skilling methods, and to provide a platform to share and compile these tips. Later on I'll probably spend time making more comprehensive, better looking, overal just better and full guides.

Ctrl+F and search for a skill.

In general, I would recommend first starting on the skills that gain you skilling credits and materials so you can skip tedious steps in other skills. These are the COLLECTION skills, though processing skills also give plenty of credits. Where possible, use an exp lamp or two to skip (mostly) slow starts. Right now the exp lamp has limited uses: slayer, fishing, cooking, woodcutting, firemaking, thieving and agility.

Combats I'm mostly skipping.

Prayer is best done by buying bone packs from the skilling credit store. Depending on how much time/credits you're willing to spend on prayer you can choose which bones you will and won't use. Most ogre bones don't work on altars.

Using bones on altars gives you more experience, and the chaos altars have a chance of not consuming bones when offering bones. The wilderness chaos altar west of the boss: chaos fanatic teleport has an NPC that un-notes bones for you for cash (relatively cheap). You can quickly go home by moving east to the KBD lair (you can teleport inside the lair).

Magic can easily be done on the combat dummies at home (using spells, not the trident), as you will still gain max EXP (as opposed to other types of damage not giving on the dummies). When you unlock multi ancients, using them in a multi area is actually quicker than using the max hit dummies.

As of yet there's no essence pouches available. Buy rune essence pouches from the skilling store or mine them yourself. You'll have to slowly work your way up to bloods (level 77) by doing runs from home, teleport to the abyss, to the relevant altar. You do NOT require talismans.

When you reach bloods, you can start with dark essence. Teleport to the blood altar through the abyss, and walk up north and to the right where you'll see the dense essence mine. You require a certain (low, 40-ish) level mining and crafting to mine these, as well as both a chisel and pickaxe. On a full inventory, take the stone shortcut up on the right and walk up around to the left where the dark altar is and simply click on the altar. This will turn your mined dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks, which you can chisel (one by one) into dark essence shards. These shards you use to make runes with, and you can have 108? shards at once, which is 28 blocks' worth.

Either run back to the mine and fill your inventory again, and turn those blocks into dark essence blocks to turn into shards at the blood/soul altar so you can effectively run two inventories at once, or simply teleport back home and to the blood/soul altar and turn the shards into runes. On x3 exp a double soul rune run netted me more than 1.8m exp every <8 minutes, compared to 60k? per death run.

Work your way up slowly by gathering materials as you need them. Planks, oak planks, steel bars, mahogany planks. You can have planks made at the Varrock lumber mill (east exit, then north), where you can also buy bolts of cloth. Honestly just build whatever you can/want as exp is calculated on the materials used. It might be worth it to quickly invest in getting a butler (north of Ardougne teleport), for which you need 2 bedrooms with a bed each. The butler can do bank runs and un-note items for a small fee.

After a while it's possibly quickest to farm revenants for money and mahogany planks. Spend as much money as you'd like on marble blocks and gold leaf, they give more exp. Quickest and cheapest exp might just be making a straight mahogany dinner table over and over (build, remove, build, remove, send your butler (who is following you) for 24 planks, build, remove, REPEAT). Not sure where to find mahogany trees^^.

I did agility mostly with exp lamps, but in hindsight it might be good to get as many tokens of grace as possible to save up for graceful (whenever it is made available). Besides lamps, just run the highest level (rooftop) course that is available to you.

is a bit of a ball ache to get started. As far as I'm aware you have to start Herblore through Wintertodt's rejuvenation potions that give little exp. You require 50 Firemaking to get inside.

Getting the herbs isn't the problem per se, as you can either farm or buy them in the skilling credit store. The problem is the secondary ingredients which you'll have to get either through farming (another ball-ache), bossing (certain bosses drop select noted secondaries which can be very useful, try ::drops/a wiki), or get your secondaries through killing monsters in Rellekka Slayer Cave.

Honestly, make whatever you have secondaries for, starting with whatever gives the most exp, and just slug your way to 99. You can always buy eyes of newt at herblore stores for super attack potions (irit)(for example in the myths' guild).

Home has a few useful stalls but I found that at late levels, pickpocketing the Hero (level 80) is much, much quicker than stealing from the gem stall. There is one just left from the Ardougne teleport/market. It is quite possible that pickpocketing is quicker than the stalls in general, but might not give you as much money.

Getting started is once again a bit annoying as there are no materials readily available. Spin wool or kill cows for leather and tan them in Al-Kharid. I then resorted to making gold jewelry (either mine or buy bar skilling boxes) until you can cut the gems from the skilling boxes, and later on the d'hide also from skilling boxes. If you have 92+ mining you could start cutting amethysts at level 83.

Slowly work your way up by cutting the trees you need; arrow shafts are nice to start with but start lacking the exp that fletching bows gives you. Start crafting arrows/darts when you can from the skilling boxes. It is worth picking up rune/dragon arrowheads, dragonstone/onyx bolt tips as loot (though onyx bolt tips can easily be sold to tzhaar stores for tokkul).

I made bolts on smithing because I wanted to make more dragonstone bolts(e), despite already having 99 fletching. I just made them all this morning and got like 15m exp just feathering my rune bolts from smithing (on x3), as well as a ton of credits.

Exp lamp your way to 99. :)

Start with birds, boxing ferrets doesn't work. There are some more hunting tools available in hunter stores (try Yanille), though I haven't tried them. Lizards give good exp and are quick to catch (rope and small fishing net required). You also really don't need tar as bait. Black salamanders give the same exp as black chins, but chins felt quicker to catch and STACK, no bank runs necessary. For chins, line up 5 boxes in roughly the middle and as your hunter level increases you'll get in a flow of just constantly setting the same line. Again, no bait required. Doubt it'll make that much of a difference, if it all working properly.

okay i'm bored now <3


Julian: For herblore I just bought out eye of newt at herblore stores and made super attack potions (45 herblore) till 99. 20k per pot at 4x exp [beta rates]

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