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General Discussion / Re: First Time UIM Progress
« Last post by Th0ngz on April 15, 2021, 01:34:54 PM »
This account has died due to game mode update. plan on doing another one when we are out of beta
Updates / Elderscape updates 13 March 2021 - 31 March 2021
« Last post by Boris on March 31, 2021, 06:01:26 PM »
- Introduced 2 new game modes, giving a total of 3 difficulties 'Standard'. 'Grinder' and 'Mad Man'. Also made these 3 difficulties available to ironman, ultimate ironman and hardcore ironman.

The game modes work as following:
  - Standard
    - x100 xp
    - No drop bonus
    - No custom icon
  - Grinder
    - x15 xp
    - 7.5% drop bonus
    - Custom icon
  - MadMan
    - x5 xp
    - 15% drop bonus
    - Badass custom icon

- Fixed beer and other consumables boosting stats over 200
- Added Perdu at home. You can use your broken items on him and he'll fix them for a small fee.
- Removed skilling credits from non resource gathering skills. Only Mining, Herblore, Crafting, Woodcutting, fishing, farming and cooking give credits.
- Balanced the skilling credits over all the above skills + updated skilling credit shop prices so they won't take you 5min to get something.

credits to @Mr Bobo
Server Media / Re: My First Elderscape Video
« Last post by Th0ngz on March 13, 2021, 11:56:32 PM »
Yoo thanks bro! i plan on doing more in the future!
Staff Applications / Re: Th0ngz App
« Last post by Boris on March 13, 2021, 11:32:22 AM »
Support, I think you would be a good staff member.
You have a lot of Experience and you show a lot of dedication to the server.
We will start accepting staff applications when we are out of open beta and the server gets released.
Updates / Elderscape updates 1 March 2021 - 13 March 2021
« Last post by Boris on March 13, 2021, 11:27:11 AM »
- Fix: Corrupted scavenger room should be fixed once and for all now...
- Fix: When leaving a raid, you will no longer have to re-log to make the raid tab go away.
- Change: When feeding corrupted scavenger, he will eat all grubs at once, damaging him amount of grubs * 8 damage in 1 go. Feeding 5 grubs will cause 40 damage on him.
- Fix: Pink phoenixes which attack lvl 3 players have been removed from all over the world.
- Fix: Ents in the wilderness will now count towards your slayer task for Krystilia and give experience
- Fix: You can now reset/block/cancel Ents slayer task
- Fix: Added dragon scimitar to the ironman tools store for now. (We still have to revamp iron man game modes)
- Fix: Skilling credit resource reward boxes have been revamped. The boxes containing random items now have the options 'take-one', 'bank-all' and 'check'. And the boxes which have static rewards have the 'open' option. This makes it so ironman game mode accounts can also open/claim these boxes.
- Fix: Added examines for all skilling credit rewards
- Fix: All boxes should be able to be opened now.
- Fix: Cavern grubs will be removed when leaving a raid.
- Fix: You can no longer teleport out of The Wintertodt.
- Fix: Removing seeds from your personal shop works now.
- Fix: Fixed an issue where there were 2 different types of crystal shards being given
- Fix: Barrows sets from the donator store can from now on be unpacked to get the actual items.
- Fix: Shops that work with coins as currency will from now on no longer enable you to make money by reselling stuff
- Fix: Bucket pack from Catherby Farming Store can now be unpacked
- Fix: Crystal harpoon and it's special can be used in fishing (animation has to be updated later once I find someone who has one on OSRS..)
- Fix: Fishing guild teleport requirements message has been updated. The requirement for fishing guild is 68 fishing.
- Fix: Added equip requirements for hard leather shield, snakeskin shield, green/blue/red/black dragonhide shields
- Fix: Crystal Pickaxe can be used in xeric raids now to harm the guardians
- Fix: Boxes from skilling credit store 'bank-all' function now works properly
- Fix: Shops have been revamped. All prices are based on High alch prices now. Items in normal stores are 2x high alch price. Selling items to general store is using rates of high alch /2.
- Fix: Donator store prices etc should be back to normal
- Addition: Added and finalized the Elderscape Server Managed Gamble System.
Admire The Elderscape Gamble system:

What is it?
This system allows people to do gambling without the risk of one or the other getting scammed. This server will hold the bets and will pay out the winner in the end.
Currently we support 5 game modes:
    - Flower Poker
    - Hot or Cold
    - Dice Duel
    - Black Jack
    - 55x2

How does it work?
1. You teleport to the gamble zone with the command ::gamble
2. Every player around that area will have an extra right click option "Gamble"
3. Select the game mode you want to play
4. Place your bets
5. Play and the winner will get paid out.

The system has been coded so that:
- Logging out is not possible
- When losing connection, your character will first finish the battle before actually logging out
- You can not teleport away
- When the server crashes and starts back up. People who were in a battle at this time will be refunded.
- All battles are being logged. Every step, every move, every choice.
- Fix: Herblore in raids now works
- Fix: Farming in raids wrks
- Fix: Superior slayer monsters will no longer spawn after every kill
- Fix: Alchemical Hydra does respawn in his normal form from now on.
- Fix: Slayer task only npc's are can no longer be attacked without being on the task
- Fix: Coinboxes will no longer spawn in the water at Kraken Cove
- Fix: You can now get past the logs underneath the woodcutting guild. Making ents available for slayer.
- Fix: Nechryarch no longer transforms to some npc. He will also no longer use the same combat script as demonic gorillas..
- Fix: Non wildy slayer masters will no longer assign boss tasks in the wilderness
- Fix: Basilisk knight has animations and a (slightly customised) combat script now.
- Fix: Jewelery boxes in POH actually work from now on
- Addition: Made Elvarg no longer dead content. Elvarg has gained some changes in his combat script. Make sure to go check him out, but beware, pay attention! Because he is a bit strong then usual.
- Addition: When you die in a pvm instance, you can buy your items back at the death coffer at home for a fee.

Credits to @Mr Bobo

Server Media / Re: My First Elderscape Video
« Last post by Boris on March 13, 2021, 11:20:32 AM »
Cool video, good job! @Th0ngz
I have put your trailer on the homepage ;)
Server Media / My First Elderscape Video
« Last post by Th0ngz on March 12, 2021, 09:00:04 PM »
General Discussion / First Time UIM Progress
« Last post by Th0ngz on March 10, 2021, 04:51:29 AM »
Hey guys I decided I hate my life and I would try a UIM for the first time.

This post will be a updated post where I can show my progress off. 

I think I did pretty well for myself. in A little under 3 hours I made this progress

Note: the images are gyazos so you will need to open the image up to view

Recruitment / Faith of Xeric
« Last post by Th0ngz on March 07, 2021, 07:44:10 PM »
1. Introduction

Do you aspire to annihilate bosses with all of the finest equipment in the game?
Perhaps you dream of filling your menagerie with every pet in Elderscape.
In Faith of Xeric, you will find a diverse group of PvMers from friendly-paced 'raid-n-chill' groups to cutting-edge gamers pushing for world record completions. We've been around for over five years and have developed a family-like atmosphere. Even if your short-term goals involve skilling or solo content, our clan is always a fun place to hang out.

Whether you are a maxed player or someone just entering into the world of PvM: there will be a spot for you.

Additionally we hold regular clan events for all members to participate in: PvM comps, Boss of the week, Masses (Raids, Corp, GWD, Wildy), Minigames, PKing.

2.  Clan Rules

At Faith of Xeric we pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly, and positive clan.
We expect all our members to maintain a high level of maturity at all times.
Members represent us in the clan chat, Discord, and in game.

Here is a list of our rules:

1. Breaching Elderscape's Code of Conduct
2. Abusing players in and out of the clan chat.
3. Excessive shit talk including toxicity
4. Racist remarks.
5. Topics that could be seen as offensive or sensitive subjects.
6. Crashing both clan members and non-clan members
7. Pking clan members.
8. Excessive spamming.
9. Multi clanning
10. Other languages than English in Clan Chat and Discord.
11. Advertising out-of-clan PvM trips (Except NoA if appropriately labeled "non-clan" )

Any players found breaking rules will result in a strike*:

1. A formal warning will be given either in clan chat or private message
2. You will be removed from the clan for 24 hours
3. You will be removed from the clan for 3 days
4. You will be removed from the clan for 7 days
5. You will be permanently removed from the clan

*Appeals may be presented with sufficient evidence to support them.


4. Requirements To Join
• Normies: 1250 Total level with a combat level of 114
• Ironmen: 1000 Total level with a combat level of 114

5. Application Process

1. Copy the application form in the post below.
2. Paste the application form into the text box at the bottom of this page.
3. Fill out the application form.
4. Once complete, click "Post".
A leader will review your application as soon as possible.

6. Application

1. Elderscape Name:
2. Total level and Combat Level:
3. Time zone:
4. Were you in a clan previously? If so, which clan & why did you leave?
5. Who or what was your reference to Faith of Xeric?
6. Do you understand & agree to heed all of Faith of Xeric rules?
7. One alt per main. What alt is joining with you?
8. Any additional info or comments:

7. Clan Staff

Leaders (Gold Stars) are the ones that administrate the clan.

Leaders are expected to:
• Perform all listed Clan Staff duties below.
• Accept and/or reject clan applicants.
• Ensure events go ahead as planned or are cancelled/removed.
• Assure that event attendance is recorded properly.
• Oversee every aspect of the clan.



Assistant Leaders (Silver Stars) are the ones that help run the clan on a daily basis.

Assistant Leaders are expected to:
• Host clan events.
• Invite clan members to Discord.
• Maintenance the clan behind the scenes.
• Discuss & implement new ideas for the clan.
• Moderate the clan chat & Discord.
• Enforce the clan rules listed above.

Clan Staff

• Hawkeye09

8. Basic PVM Rules

1. Split value should be discussed before the trip begins.
2. If raiding with irons, irons are assumed to be FFA unless specified as split.
3. If you are being crashed, do not retaliate or flame them.
4. Always follow Rule 3. (No Crashing and/or Harassing Other Players)
Staff Applications / Re: Th0ngz App
« Last post by Hawkeye09 on March 06, 2021, 11:48:29 AM »
Gonna support this.
He is a nice and helpful person.

Plus since we also start to gain players from all around the world, he would fit perfectly since he could provide support to players which join us from the US/US time zones which do not always fit with our European ones :)

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