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Runelite Tips/Recommendations
« on: January 04, 2021, 01:34:40 PM »
Work in progress.

There are a lot of Runelite settings that may change your gameplay experience. Some very useful, others not so much. Click on the wrench - "Configuration" tab in Runelite to access your settings.

You may find something that feels like a bug, but is simply Runelite running scripts.


Animation Smoothing
The amazing difference between old school and smooth animations.

RuneLite (Configuration)
Consider turning off "Request focus on notification". If turned on, the game may automatically re-focus upon leaving combat, and other actions (or lack thereof). Meaning, if you're tabbed out and you receive a notification (such as exiting combat), you're automatically tabbed back in.
   If you'd like these re-focus notifications for other purposes, search for the Idle Notifier plugin and turn off "Idle Interaction Notifications" to disable the focus every time you exit combat.

Helper Plugins
There are too many to write down here, but there are countless plugins that will help you with bosses and minigames by showing useful information. Search for a boss/minigame's name in the configuration search bar, you'll find it.

Player Indicators
I personally find it extremely useful to have name tags above players' heads. Do what you will with clan callers and such, but consider turning on highlight friends, perhaps clan chat members, and even others. If you do turn on nametags for everyone ("Other"), considering changing the colour to an easier one such as white.
   IMPORTANT is the Indicator Mode. You can Ctrl+Click to add/remove that particular type of indicator, whereas a regular click will make that the only type of indicator. Personally I'd recommend turning on Above Head, Minimap and maybe Menu.

Ground Items
You can configure item names to show up on the floor. Depending on the price level (measured through OSRS Grand Exchange prices), item names may show up in configured colours, or not at all.
   You can also add specific items to show up by typing their names in the Highlighted Items box.
   Turning on the "Show Highlighted items only" will make it so that default items won't show up. Anything above the set values will.
   You can also set notifications for value drops (check "Runelite" for notification settings).

You can increase the draw distance (unfortunately does not increase the draw distance for NPCs and Players), turn Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering on, remove colour banding (smooths colours), and change Fog options. It honestly doesn't improve all that much, but it may be useful for slower CPUs to enable use of the GPU (with extra settings disabled and short draw distances).

Random bibs and bots as opposed to bits and bobs
Combat Level: Turns your cmb into a decimal number (max cmb being 126.1, for example).
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Re: Runelite Tips/Recommendations
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2021, 11:06:06 AM »
Feels a bit odd replying to my own thread but this doesn't really fit in the main post.

But I'm absolutely in love with this madness that is highlighted and hidden items.

Quick reminder that I'm using Runelite for the first time so you'll know a lot of this already BUT JEEZ HOW DID I MANAGE WITHOUT THIS. ;D


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