Author Topic: Elderscape updates 30 December 2020 - 7 january 2021  (Read 197 times)

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Elderscape updates 30 December 2020 - 7 january 2021
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:21:20 PM »
- Added collection log interface implementation
- Collection log can now be claimed with the command ::claimcl
- Donator rank will no longer dissapear when relogging
- Added teleport function "Teleports" to max cape. It will now open the teleport interface. (Will add the features later on)
- Fixed redwood tree ladders.
- Added ale of the gods (drunk) effect
- General store will now tell you the correct price it will pay you.
- Added "dismantle" option for Viggora's Chainmace and Thammarons Sceptre for 7.5k ether
- Fixed the hard aanagram clue where you need to talk to Doomsayer in Lumbridge
- Fixed a medium clue where the overlay showed the wrong spot to dig
- Added autocast options for iban staff and iban staff (u), master wand, etc..
- Added wildy notifier for Rogues castle thieving teleport on teleport portal
- Removed wildy and multi notifiers for all rooftop courses on teleport portal
- Grace in Rogues Den is no longer a potatoe.. She now sells you the graceful armour parts and Amylase crystal packs. She will also explain you how to get marks of grace if you talk to her.
- Fixed all cooking objects to get the first cookable item in your inventory on click the object. You can also use your cookable item on the object directly.
- Quick fixed Mourner tunnels for now. Added a teleport directly into the tunnels. Might make the trapdoor work later on.
- Added scroll of grow time, this is new perk which will give you -50% growtime.
- Removed placeholders for the broken items. If you find any item still having the WRONG placeholder let me know. NOTE: Not having a placeholder is not a broken placeholder.
- Fix: Slayer monsters from konar in the slayer tower will now give xp and count towards your slayer task
- Fix: You can no longer get infinite combat xp by not finishing a slayer npc which has a weakness for example Gargoyles. If you did not smash them you keep hitting them and keep getting xp.
- Fix: Construction stonemason sells the correct magic stone now
- Fix: All Pools in the Player Owned Houses will now properly work
- Fix: Slayer shop for example, is now working again
- Fix: Marks of Grace will no longer appear to drop 2x or 3x.
- Fix: You can now plant tree seeds in filled plant pots
- Fix: You can now fill plant pots so they become filled plant pots
- Fix: You can now reset failed box traps in the hunter skill
- Addition: Added drops for Ammonite crabs
- Addition: Added all silver jewelry crafting which has some use right now.
- Addition: Added more clear notifications for crafting jewelry when you don't have a silver bar or when you don't have the correct mould.
- Addition: You can now use a mould on a furnace, if the mould has multiple uses you can choose between gold and silver jewelry crafting. If the mould has a single use it will open the linked interface directly.
- Addition: Added dialogues to otto godblessed to convert a zammy spear into a zammy hasta. Also added him to the home area for more easy access
- Addition: Made ladder at ourania runecrafting altar work
- Addition: Added banker at the start of ourania runecrafting altar dungeon
- Addition: Implemented the ourania altar itself. The rarity of runes crafted will depend on your runecrafting level. So someone with 99 runecrafting will barely make air runes while someone with 1 runecrafting will make a lot of them.
- Addition: Full pest control shop is working now.
- Addition: Added command to give pest control points to other players
- Addition: Added spawns in the task only ancient wyvern caves already. (Need to finnish up combat scripts)
- Addition: We now have a auto client updater. So once you get the client, it wil always get you the latest client.

Credits to @Mr Bobo
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