Author Topic: Elderscape updates 18 january 2021 - 31 January 2021  (Read 132 times)

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Elderscape updates 18 january 2021 - 31 January 2021
« on: January 31, 2021, 05:30:46 PM »
- Fix: Reworked the account tab a bit so that play time, skilling xp, combat xp, donator rank and amount donated are displayed in a more simple and formatted way.
- Fix: Clicking staff online in the account panel will from now on open the players online interface where staff is listed on the top.
- Fix: Vote shop now sells the correct gem bag, coal bag and herb sack
- Fix: Cannon will no longer glitch npc's so they walk back and walk trough wall n shit
- Fix: There was an issue where you could not make your cannon start firing even though it had cannonballs, this is now resolved.
- Fix: Dwarf Cannon now works in multi and single combat area's. Obviously in single combat area's you will only be able to shoot 1 target.
- Fix: Extended antifire potion now lasts 12 min as it should
- Fix: Replaced the jewellery moulds for smelting with the correct ones
- Fix: When clearing roots from a planted tree you will now actually get the roots
- Fix: Both stairs in the wyvern cave are now working (will add the npcs again later)
- Fix: Estate Agent and Stone mason store now works as intended
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, looting bag to be able to empty them inside the bank
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, so when you have the open version in your inventory and pickup and item it will go instantly into the bag
- Addition: Added support for gem bag, coal bag, herb sack, so when you have the open version in your inventory and you withdraw a storable item from your bank it will go directly in the bag
- Addition: Added first version of crystal tree and shooting star reward exchange
- Addition: You can now make a mythical max cape by using a mythical cape on the max cape. A mythical cape has been added to the vote store.
- Fix: Zulrah and cave kraken's projectiless are now coming from the actual npc location. (Same for other broken npc's if they were broken)
- Fix: Added drops to greater demons in the revenant cave
- Fix: Mythical max cape and mythical max hood can now be equipped
- Fix: Dwarf cannon from now on works properly. If something is still wrong with it lemme know.
- Fix: Players should no longer get nulled after getting killed by the thieving stalls
- Fix: Rock crabs will no longer smack the shit out of you
- Addition: Lvl 69 shortcut to jump over the rock at the dense runestones is now working
- Addition: Added beginner map, cryptic and anagram clue scrolls with rewards.
- Addition: Cave to cave horrors now works properly
- Addition: Added full slayer's staff & slayer's staff (e) with charges, slayer task checks, equipment boosts and everything
- Addition: Added game mode selection interface for the new players, which states restriction of each mode, xp rates, drop rate boost etc.
- Temporary: When not in the wilderness, run energy will not decrease from now on. Will discuss later about if we want to enable this again or not.
- Addition: Kurask and Turoth are now able to be attacked with magic dart.
- Addition: Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire Ward, Ancient Wyvern Shield charges will from now on raise your shields defence.
- Addition: A farmer's "Pay" option will now give you the option to ether cut down your tree or pay him to protect your crops.
- Addition: A farmer's "Talk-To" option will now tell you how far your crop is grown. For example: "Hey there Mr Bobo, your patch is currently at stage 2/6."
- Addition: You can now use rock thrown hammer's to finish your Gargoyle kill.
- Addition: Reworked Xeric Raids to solve a lot of bugs
- Addition: Added first part of Theatre of Blood. Will proceed on this later on.
- Addition: Added dragon forging. You can smith dragon equipment at the anvils in the ancient cavern. To smith these items you'll need Orikalkum which you can get as a rare drop from the shooting star. These dragon items are giving massive xp drops in the smithing skill.
- Fix: Resolved a bug where slayer staff (e) kept saying that the staff ran out of charges while it still had lots of them.
- Fix: Updated default stats of the Dragonfire Shield, Dragonfire Ward and Ancient Wyvern shield
- Fix: Smoke devil and Thermonuclear smoke devil will now damage you if you do not pray protect from range.
- Fix: Ugthanki kebab can now be eaten and will heal 19 hp.
- Fix: Gargoyles do no longer glitch when dying
- Fix: Ladder to Air obelisk in edgeville dungeone works now
- Fix: Slayer task amount will no longer set your pest control points.
- Fix: Coin box can be opened again
- Fix: POH portal at Edgeville is working again
- Fix: Saradomin brew no longer fully heals you and does no longer restore prayer but now works as it is intended to be.
- Fix: Death spawns from nechyrals will despawn now when you kill them or after approx 36 seconds without killing them.
- Fix: Stairs in ancient cavern to go to the dragon forging area is working now. The forging area can now be used to smith dragon items with the use of Orikalkum.
- Fix: Removed pvp armours from terror dogs and will add these drops in a next update again to the correct npc's.
- Fix: The well of fortune at home is working again. You will from now on also get a notification when you contributed which will also state how much more the well needs to get started.
- Fix: Presets option has been added to the bank booth. You can now save and use equipment/inventory presets again.
- Fix: Fixed the ::drops interface. Everyone can now open the drops interface and utilise it.
- Fix: You can now search for npc's OR for an item in the drop viewer without a problem.
- Temporary: The ornate rejuvenation pool at home is not available to everyone during the beta. This pool restores stats and special attack

Credits to @Mr Bobo


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