Author Topic: Elderscape updates 1 February 2021 - 15 February 2021  (Read 122 times)

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Elderscape updates 1 February 2021 - 15 February 2021
« on: February 15, 2021, 03:17:18 PM »
- Fix: Activating a preset will take bank placeholder setting into account, IF you have 'always set placeholders' enabled.
- Fix: Stats will decay after a relog now.
- Fix: Overload potions are usable within raids now.
- Fix: Negative stats will go back up now
- Fix: Items will keep their charges when loaded from a preset.
- Addition: You can now use all barbarian potion mixes.
- Addition: Overload potions will stop working once you get out of raids
- Addition: Added stat boosting for:
    - Infernal axe
    - 3rd age axe
    - Crystal axe
    - Crystal harpoon
    - Infernal Harpoon
    - Infernal pickaxe
    - 3rd age pickaxe
    - Crystal pickaxe
- Addition: Added ALL skillcape perks
- Addition: Added regen bracelet effect and hitpoints skillcape healing effect when worn
- Addition: Ancient mace will now boost your prayer by the amount hit even above your max prayer level.
- Addition: Added Master skillcapes. Requirement is 100m xp in the skill.
- Addition: Added a new teleport to travel towards Prifddinas at the teleport portal @Home
- Fix: Bank action 'withdraw all but 1' will no longer remove the item stack
- Fix: Combat dummy at home is attackable again.
- Fix: When skulling in the wilderness you will be unskulled after 20 minutes.
- Fix: Added wrath and mind runes to the pker default bank
- Fix: Ents are attackable
- Fix: KBD will from now on count as a wildy slayer task
- Fix: Spellbooks are fixed, manual casting works again
- Fix: Zulrah should no longer be given as a wildy task..
- Fix: You can not longer teleport out of raids. And when leaving raids you will always lose the potions/effects.
- Fix: Corrupted scavenger room has been fixed.
- Fix: When still having unclaimed rewards at the Chambers of Xeric and you try to leave you will have to confirm in the chatbox that you want to leave and lose those rewards.
- Fix: Purple sweets have been added as food sources meaning that you can eat them now to restore 1-3 hp & 10% run energy
- Fix: Zamorak brew now works as intended. Giving 2 + 20% attack, 2 + 12% strength, 10% prayer points restore and it will deal you 2+10% damage.
- Fix: Trading Konar will now open the slayer store.
- Fix: Hydra slayer helm and Hydra slayer helm (i) no longer glitch hair/beard
- Fix: Icy breath will now count as a charge for the dragonfire shield, dragonfire ward and ancient wyvern shield.
- Fix: Divine magic potion, Divine ranging potion, Divine bastion and Divine battlemage potions have been set to give the correct boosts
- Fix: Blue d'hide body (t) no longer makes your arms go POOF gone xD
- Fix: You can sell mysterious emblems again at the Emblem trader and he can skull you again.
- Fix: Removed the bankers at Krystilia + also removed those bankers from the rest of the world
- Fix: Ava devices should now work as expected
- Fix: Your inventory will no longer go invisible when you have a master cape in your inventory or equipment
- Addition: You can now make Twisted slayer helm, Twisted slayer helm (i), Hydra Slayer helm and Hydra slayer helm (i)
- Addition: Oyster Pearls and Oyster Pearl can be cut into pearl bolt tips from now.
- Addition: Voting has been added. You can vote with the command ::vote an claim your reward with one of the following commands ::claimv and ::claimvote
-Elderscape Warehouse
The elderscape Warehouse is a place where you can put your own items up for sale or buy items from other players. You can search for the item name and you'll get the cheapest 20 stores which sell that item. The stores are server managed, meaning
that you DO NOT need to be online for your shop to be on there. When you sold something and you are online you will get a chatbox notification that you sold something and have some money to collect. If you are not online, you will get a message in the chatbox
when logging in. When you have less then 1000 coins to collect, you will get it in the form of coins. When the amount you can collect is more then 1000 coins it will be paid in platinum tokens (use the platinum token on a bank booth to exchange for coins).
Your store has 40 slots for selling items and can hold up to more then 100B to collect.

Where is it?
The warehouse system can be utilised trough an npc called "Warehouse Manager" and he is located inside the bank in Edgevile.

How to use it?
Watch the gifs below for a full example of how it works.


- Fence at Lumberyard can be jumped over now.
- Ladder to dramen tree works
- Exit door at dramen tree works to teleport you into the wilderness
- The npc for clue scrolls down at wizard tower has been added

Credits to @Mr Bobo


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