Author Topic: Elderscape updates 15 February 2021 - 28 February 2021  (Read 70 times)

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Elderscape updates 15 February 2021 - 28 February 2021
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:27:56 PM »
- Fix: Friend list has been fixed. There was a bug where the friend list was resetting upon every server restart
- Fix: Clan chats have been fixed. There was a bug where the clan chats were resetting upon every server restart
- Fix: Marks of grace can be received trough rooftop agility courses again
- Fix: When closing your client or disconnecting while wearing a transformation ring, you will no longer be stuck. Your character should log out almost instantly.
- Fix: Removed the wrong rock hammer from the slayer store
- Fix: Replaced noted ores and gems from the stalls in fight caves.

- Change: Donation stores and vote store have been updated. Some items have been added, some have been removed and some have had a price change.
- Change: Donation bond values have been updated. You can now buy donator bonds of $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250.

- Addition: The command ::claim has been added and can be used to claim your donation.
- Addition: The command ::claimvote (and ::claimv) has been added and can be used to claim your vote reward. Note: You need 10 vote points to be able to claim your vote book.
- Addition: A vote book has been added as vote reward. You can open it, to get a random reward (rewards will be updated later on). Or sell it to other players.

- Temp: Until the end of the beta all players can use ::yell
- Fix: Removed 2 bugs occurring in the background. (Possibly the cause of the memory leaks)
- Fix: Vote shop now works as intended. (might need a revamp in repricing and removing/adding items there)
- Fix: Transformation rings will no longer glitch/lock your account.
- Fix: Finafuckinglee fixed the Dragonfire shield, dragonfire ward and skeletal wyvern shield stats (hovering over the item doesnt show updated stats bc of runelite plugin, but if you open the equip screen with all the stats it shows the right stats)

- Addition: Added decanter to our home, to decant all your potions.
- Addition: Crystal singing is now available. (need to look further into making the crystal shards and seeds etc available)
- Addition: Added Prif agility course for 95% (still looking into adding the teleport crystals)
- Addition: Added an upgrade scroll which can imbue your DK rings. The scroll is for now only available trough the slayer reward store. But will add this scroll as a rare drop to giant mole and Dagannoth Kings themselves.
- Addition: About 95% of objects in priff should be accessible now (crystal stairs, mining cave, zalcano cave etc)
- Addition: Added bulwark shield special attack
- Addition: Added elven crystal chest (need revamp for rewards ofc)
- Addition: Added Trahaearn Mine in Prifddinas
- Fix: Bank action 'Withdraw all but 1' has been fixed. You no longer remove the whole stack.
- Fix: Iron man game modes can access all required shops again
- Fix: Equipment/Inventory presets now show all titles when opening the interface
- Fix: Bracelet of etherium should now lower the damage received from revenants by 75%
- Fix: All superior slayer monsters have their respawn timer removed so they will no longer respawn after being killed
- Fix: The stairs at myths guild will no longer place you outside of the map
- Fix: Portal back from Puro Puro to Zanaris now works.
- Fix: Cave Kraken small pools will now spawn the tentacles
- Fix: Killing cave kraken will no longer grant you 5 killcount but only 1
- Fix: Loot will spawn in the middle of the bridge while doing cave kraken
- Fix: Smelting bars gives smithing xp again..
- Fix: Noted items will from now on sell for the same price as unnoted items.
- Fix: Overloads do damage you now when using them.
- Fix: All potions are drinkable now in raids
- Fix: Eating purple sweets will no longer remove the whole stack.
- Fix: Corrupted scaveneger room in CoX should now work as intended
- Fix: You can no longer have any items on you to join the tournament minigame
- Fix: General store is the only store which will show item amounts, so you know how many there are available
- Addition: Teleport to the Lithrken Dungeon has been added to the 'Dungeons' category. This dungeon contains rune and adamant dragons.

Credits to @Mr Bobo


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