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Author Topic: Faith of Xeric  (Read 212 times)

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Faith of Xeric
« on: March 07, 2021, 07:44:10 PM »
1. Introduction

Do you aspire to annihilate bosses with all of the finest equipment in the game?
Perhaps you dream of filling your menagerie with every pet in Elderscape.
In Faith of Xeric, you will find a diverse group of PvMers from friendly-paced 'raid-n-chill' groups to cutting-edge gamers pushing for world record completions. We've been around for over five years and have developed a family-like atmosphere. Even if your short-term goals involve skilling or solo content, our clan is always a fun place to hang out.

Whether you are a maxed player or someone just entering into the world of PvM: there will be a spot for you.

Additionally we hold regular clan events for all members to participate in: PvM comps, Boss of the week, Masses (Raids, Corp, GWD, Wildy), Minigames, PKing.

2.  Clan Rules

At Faith of Xeric we pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly, and positive clan.
We expect all our members to maintain a high level of maturity at all times.
Members represent us in the clan chat, Discord, and in game.

Here is a list of our rules:

1. Breaching Elderscape's Code of Conduct
2. Abusing players in and out of the clan chat.
3. Excessive shit talk including toxicity
4. Racist remarks.
5. Topics that could be seen as offensive or sensitive subjects.
6. Crashing both clan members and non-clan members
7. Pking clan members.
8. Excessive spamming.
9. Multi clanning
10. Other languages than English in Clan Chat and Discord.
11. Advertising out-of-clan PvM trips (Except NoA if appropriately labeled "non-clan" )

Any players found breaking rules will result in a strike*:

1. A formal warning will be given either in clan chat or private message
2. You will be removed from the clan for 24 hours
3. You will be removed from the clan for 3 days
4. You will be removed from the clan for 7 days
5. You will be permanently removed from the clan

*Appeals may be presented with sufficient evidence to support them.


4. Requirements To Join
• Normies: 1250 Total level with a combat level of 114
• Ironmen: 1000 Total level with a combat level of 114

5. Application Process

1. Copy the application form in the post below.
2. Paste the application form into the text box at the bottom of this page.
3. Fill out the application form.
4. Once complete, click "Post".
A leader will review your application as soon as possible.

6. Application

1. Elderscape Name:
2. Total level and Combat Level:
3. Time zone:
4. Were you in a clan previously? If so, which clan & why did you leave?
5. Who or what was your reference to Faith of Xeric?
6. Do you understand & agree to heed all of Faith of Xeric rules?
7. One alt per main. What alt is joining with you?
8. Any additional info or comments:

7. Clan Staff

Leaders (Gold Stars) are the ones that administrate the clan.

Leaders are expected to:
• Perform all listed Clan Staff duties below.
• Accept and/or reject clan applicants.
• Ensure events go ahead as planned or are cancelled/removed.
• Assure that event attendance is recorded properly.
• Oversee every aspect of the clan.



Assistant Leaders (Silver Stars) are the ones that help run the clan on a daily basis.

Assistant Leaders are expected to:
• Host clan events.
• Invite clan members to Discord.
• Maintenance the clan behind the scenes.
• Discuss & implement new ideas for the clan.
• Moderate the clan chat & Discord.
• Enforce the clan rules listed above.

Clan Staff

• Hawkeye09

8. Basic PVM Rules

1. Split value should be discussed before the trip begins.
2. If raiding with irons, irons are assumed to be FFA unless specified as split.
3. If you are being crashed, do not retaliate or flame them.
4. Always follow Rule 3. (No Crashing and/or Harassing Other Players)
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