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Beginner's Guide to Elderscape (Work in Progress!)
« on: June 26, 2021, 12:36:54 AM »
Introduction to Elderscape
Welcome to Elderscape! An Oldschool Runescape Private Server released in 2021! The server is an Economy based server. The development team works everyday on improving the server based on feedback and suggestions from you! Before starting out I highly suggest you check out the rules. You don't need a forum account to get started on Elderscape! You can simply download the client and start playing instantly! Let's get started with the basics.

Starting out
When starting out you'll be greeted by the Elderscape guide and he'll let you choose your preferred gamemode.

You'll have the follwing gamemodes to choose from!

  • Standard mode (EXP rate of x30)
  • Grinder mode (EXP rate of x15, Increased drop boost 7.5%)
  • Madman mode (Exp rate of x5, Increased drop boost 15%)
The 3 gamemodes mentioned above can be played on each different ironman mode.

  • Standard Ironman (Single Player Elderscape. You're on your own...)
  • Ultimate Ironman (In addition to standard ironman, you won't be allowed to bank)
  • Hardcore Ironman (Standard ironman, but 1 life. Die and it's game over.)
Choose the gamemode that suits your playstyle. You can lower the difficulty when starting out at a higher difficulty, but do keep in mind that this change is PERMANENT! Obviously you can't change into a higher difficulty when starting on a lower difficulty...
Do make you choice wisely.

Home Area
After choosing your gamemode, you'll be asked if you want a quick tour on the HUB. Elderscape uses Edgeville as its main HUB so you'll find most of your necessities right here in Edgeville.


In the east side of Edgeville you can find a bank. At this bank you can well... Bank your items! (Except when playing on Ultimate ironman) If you feel like you don't need a certain item anymore, you can simply come here and bank the item. At this bank also you can find the Elderscape Guide, a Bob Barter (Decanter), The Make-over mage and lastly the Security Advisor. More information on these NPCs later on in the guide.


West in Edgeville you can find a giant red portal. This portal is an All-in 1 package. Every teleport you may need can be found here. Ranging from Combat to Dungeons to Skilling to Minigames! You name it and it's there. You can always favorite any teleport you desire and it will pop up in the Favorites tab!


North west of Edgeville, you can find all the shops. Here you can buy all the basic items that you may need for your adventure. The following shops can be found here:
  • Ironman store
  • PvM Points store
  • Achievement store
  • Mage store
  • Ranged store
  • Melee stpre
  • Fishing store
  • General store
  • Blood Money store

Elderscape Warehouse

South of Edgeville, You'll be able to find the Elderscape Warehouse, a bank and some thieving stalls. The thieving stalls can be thieved to make some starting cash and train thieving at the same time. The Elderscape Warehouse is similar to the Grand Exchange in Oldschool Runescape. Besides regular trading and bankstanding in the Edgeville bank, you can put up any item you want up for an offer. Any player in Elderscape can look up your personal warehouse and potentially buy off the item from your warehouse. You can also look up any item you wish to buy and find every player that has THAT specific item in their warehouse. Pretty neat huh?

Slayer Master + Altars

Lastly in the north eastern part of Edgeville, you'll be able to find the slayer masters, a regular altar, a spellbook swap altar, max hit dummies, an ornate rejuvenation pool and a deadman supply chest. Over here you get a slayer task, recharge your prayer and health, safely train prayer using bones on the altar, test your max hit using your own gear setup and finally get some goodies from the deadman supply chest if you have the proper key to open it.

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Beginner's Guide to Elderscape (Work in Progress!)
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2021, 09:56:08 AM »
Account security

When starting out, it is VERY important that your account is secured. Please choose a password that you don't use anywhere else and one that is easily memorable for you alone. It'd be a shame if your account got hijacked.. After you've chosen your preferred password, I'd highly recommend checking out the Security Advisor. The Security Advisor is able to bind an e-mail address to your account. You'll have to enter your email address which'll receive a code. The code received has to be entered in Elderscape and after that you're all set!

After setting your e-mail, it'd be wise to setup a bank pin aswell! Right-click the Security Advisor and select 'Check pin settings'. Here you can choose a 4-digit number between 0000-9999. Choose a PIN you're comfortable with remembering. You will not be able to change it once set! After setting your bank pin, it'll be sent to your e-mail you've setup on your account. Save it well! After setting up you're bank pin, you'll always be given the option to enable/disable it.

If you ever come across any problems that have to do with Account Security then don't be afraid to contact a staff member or leave a post in the support section of the forums.

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Beginner's Guide to Elderscape (Work in Progress!)
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There are alot of NPCs that can be found in Edgeville and this WHOLE section is dedicated to them! Here's a list of ALL the NPC's you can find in Edgeville and what their function is!

Elderscape Guide
Shows you the tutorial.

Bob Barter
Decants your potions into any dose (1,2,3,4) you desire.

Make-over mage
Lets you change your character's looks and shows your titles.

Security Advisor
Lets you set your e-mail and bank pin.

Nieve, Krystilia & Turael
They can assign you different slayer tasks. In addition Krystilia assigns slayer tasks that only can be completed in the wilderness.

Donation Manager
You can donate to the server and claim donations right here! The tokens you receive can be spent at his shops.

Vote Manager
You can cast and claim votes right here! Vote points can be spent over here aswell.

He sells untrimmed, regular, master and max capes. He is also able to reset experience in any combat related skill.

You can spend your hard earned marks of grace right here. She sells the Graceful set and Amylase crystals which can be used to create stamina potions.

Tournament Manager
You can sign up for PvP tournaments here.

Estate Agent
He will sell you a house!

Sawmill Operator
You can convert your logs into planks for a small fee and he serves as a construction shop.

You can spend your blood money that you receive from PvPing here. She offers a variety of mid/high tier gear.

Ironmen/women shop
Ironman can get their basic gear here.

50% Luke
PvM points shop. Spend your PvM points for untradable gear.

Twiggy O'Korn
After completing achievements, you can claim exclusive gear here.

Magic Shop
Sells Basic Magic gear.

Ranged Shop
Sells Basic Ranged gear.

Melee Shop
Sells Basic Melee gear.

Sells Fishing equipment.

Shop Assistant
General store.

Sells team capes.

Emblem Trader
A man full of mystery... Can set a skull/high risk skull and reset your KDR.

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