Author Topic: Elderscape updates 1 April 2021 - 19 June 2021  (Read 174 times)

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Elderscape updates 1 April 2021 - 19 June 2021
« on: June 19, 2021, 09:28:08 AM »
- Added regular melee, range and magic stores to the shops location in Edgevile
- Added 2 slayer masters at Edgevile & added their shops
- Moved all 3 blood money shops to Runa at the shops location in Edgevile

- New Launcher logo

- The Lumbridge tutor in edgeville bank no longer gives the option to change your home location
- Thieving stalls in Edgeville now all work
- Removed 1 of the Twiggy o Korns npc's (Achievement diary bunny woman) in Edgeville
- Game mode interface no longer states that HC ironman can not use banks.
- Sand crabs are now in a multi area
- 50% luke shop now opens correctly
- Fight caves will no longer start at wave 50. Starting wave does still increase by donator ranks.
- Launcher got fixed
- Map in edgeville got fixed. The little house at the ditch is no longer glitched and the ground sinks at the ditch are also fixed.
- When withdrawing more from a bank than you actually have, it will no longer say that you don't have enough space.
- Roofs are now being removed in all buildings in edgeville when entering them.
- If you die, you will be able to get your stuff back at the place you died. I will soon add a chest which will make it able to retrieve items upon death from instanced area's.
- Removed the anoying notice every x-amount of time about being afk. So your client will no longer popup for no reason..
- Added icons for players. Currently only 1 icon for each player will show, except for ::yell. There currently will show 3 icons, this will be updated soon.
- QOL: Removed some unused npc options, such as 'Talk To' when they have a shop.
- Claiming votes, now works. You will get a bleu book, when reading it, you will receive a voting ticket and some random item. (loot pool might have to be updated later on)

* email linking to your account
    - Linked email is required for 2 factor authentication
    - Linked email is required for setting a bank pin

* Bank pin
    - You can talk to the security advisor in Edgeville bank to set a bank pin
    - When you have set a bank pin, the pin will be email to you in case you ever forget it
    - A bank pin will be asked once after each re-log to access your bank/presets or attempting to destroy your player owned house

* 2 Factor Authentication:
    - You can talk to the security advisor in Edgeville bank to enable 2 factor authentication
    - When done so, a QR-code will be sent to your email --> Scan this email with your google authenticator app and upon your next login you will be
      asked to enter your personal temporary code given by the google authenticator app.
    - Your code will be valid for 2 hours. So you will not be asked to enter your code upon every login. But if you login and 2 hours have passed, a
      a code will be asked. This feature can always be enabled/disabled.

* Also fixed the player icons. Still only 1 icon will show in regular chat. But at least all icons should show now. For players who are 'MadMan / Grinder / ANY IRONMAN MODE' and do not see their icon. Please message me, this is normal but we can fix this easily.

- Fix: You can now go down the hole in lumbridge swamp to do slayer tasks.
- Fix: Altars at home have been fixed. Bones now have to be used on the prayer altar.
- Fix: All maces and warhammers their equip requirements have been fixed
- Fix: The middle bank booth at ardougne bank is also working now.
- Fix: Spamclicking pickpocket will no longer interupt your thieving actions.
- Fix: When the water wheel breaks in the motherloade mine, you need to fix it to be able to continue loading the hopper.
- Fix: Essence pouch, Gem bag, coal bag, herb bag all work as intended now. Including emptying while in your bank.
- Fix: Rejuvenation pool @home also removes poison and venom from now on.
- Fix: Ironman can access the fishing store
- Fix: Donator bonds will work from this point on. When consuming them, they will raise your total donated amount and give you credits.

- Addition: Added a donator manager besides the vote manager. Here you can donate to support the server, claim your donation and browse the donator store.
- Addition: Added custom game mode icons for grinder and madman game mode.
- Addition: longsword, dagger, halberd and 2h swords for iron --> dragon at the melee store.

- Major fix/addition: Reworked the slayer system so that we have full 1:1 OSRS slayer.
- Major fix: Presets will now work with charged items as well such as blowpipes, tentacle whips and so on...

credits to @Mr Bobo


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