Author Topic: Elderscape updates 20 - 28 December 2020  (Read 142 times)

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Elderscape updates 20 - 28 December 2020
« on: December 28, 2020, 08:16:39 AM »
- Dagganoth Kings Teleport is missing
- Fixed the ladder to go up from Dagannoth Kings
- Fight caves no longer reset your timer when relogging in the caves
- You can now pause fight caves during a wave by trying to log out. Once you finish the wave, the next one will not start. When you log back in, it will continue.
- You no longer have to relog after leaving the fightcaves to be able to teleport.
- You no longer get tokkul for leaving the fightcaves at the first wave
- Added Ecumenical key to the drops of the npcs in wilderness godwars dungeon with a drop rate of 1/60
- Added ironman store
- Made skilling credit store accessible for ironman characters
- Fixed issue where you could not pick up stackable items when your looting bag is full
- Special attack orb does now activate your special attack
- You can now only have 1 looting bag at a time
- Npc's their hp reset now when you die
- Bracelet of ethereum is now fully working as it should
- Added ironman shop access to vote store, donator store, skilling credit store, slayer store, skillcape shop
- You can now climb mount Karuluum (still quiet buggy but for now it does the trick)
- Disabled a setting in advanced settings until I can fix it properly. With this setting disabled people should not get bugged interfaces on resizable mode anymore
- Fixed adding friends with spaces
- Fixed clan chats being reset upon logout
- Fixed friend list being reset upon logout
- Fixed 0 KC perk scroll so you can use it now.
- Added larrans small and big chest
- Super combat potion and CoX potions are now decaying over time
- Added crsytal impling jar loot. For now I have added mainly osrs rewards. Only replaced baby dragon bones with dragon bones. Will add more unique rewards later on.
- Fixed not being able to make a sapphire ring.
- Removed a 'bug' where everyone can teleport around with CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK.
- Replaced the ::db command with ::dinfo and it will open a forum thread with more info
- Added max cape and hood to the skillcape store
- Added both ava devices to ironman store + raised default stock to 2147m.

Credits to @Mr Bobo


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